Press passes for AcademyHealth events are limited, and are granted only to working journalists who can show evidence that their attendance will result in coverage of the event. To qualify for a press pass, you must be affiliated with a third party (i.e., not self-published) internationally, nationally or regionally recognized media outlet, and hold an editorial title.

Personnel that hold positions in sales, advertising, marketing, public relations, account management, or other non-editorial professions will not be granted press passes.

If you wish to apply for a press pass, please submit any two of the following credentials to 

  • A business card with your name, media outlet and title;
  • A copy of a third-party publication masthead including your name;
  • A link to a third-party online publication with your name and title appearing in an editorial capacity within the past six months;
  • An assignment letter from an editor or publisher stating that you are covering the event on behalf of their publication;
  • A copy of a bylined article published by a third party within the past six months.

All freelance journalists/writers must provide a letter of assignment signed by the editor of the publication for whom you will be covering the event.

AcademyHealth grants press passes at our discretion and reserves the right to deny or revoke a press pass for any reason.