Erin Moore, B.S., started her work in patient advocacy through a partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center where she worked as a Healthcare Innovation Consultant collaborating with the clinical staff to identify unmet needs, designed and tested innovations to improve care and outcomes, developed solutions to bridge the patient and clinician communities, and ensured the perspective of families and patients were represented. Erin has served as an external innovation advisor with Genentech, providing insights on how increased focus on patient centeredness and real-world evidence is changing the healthcare ecosystem and how these trends may affect drug development. Erin shared her expertise with the JASONs as a briefer to their 2014 Data for Individual Health report. She also worked as an advisor with The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Data for Health initiative, working to create the framework for how diverse sectors can better collect, share, and use health information to improve health and promote wellness in the country.

Erin joined Eli Lilly and Company in the spring of 2016 as an ePatient advisor, working on their Clinical Innovation Team helping to guide strategic communications and design initiatives while keeping the patient voice front and center. Her role expanded in 2017 to include managing Lilly’s TrialGuide digital recruitment platform and the promotional efforts supporting it. In September of 2016 she was awarded Health 2.0 10th Anniversary Global Retrospective Award for Patient Activism. At that time she was also serving as an executive board member for Stanford University’s MedicineX Conference. In 2018, Erin joined Shift Consulting as a member of the leadership team to build equitable learning networks in healthcare and education and help further shape the inclusion of patient and family voices in improvement efforts across many sectors. In 2022, Erin joined Blackbird Health as their Vice President of Operations to improve the reliability of diagnostics and treatment for children and families facing mental health challenges. Erin currently serves as a US Food and Drug Administration Patient Representative providing a consumer perspective on issues and actions that are brought before the FDA for review, addressing the specific needs and preferences of patients for whom a tool or treatment is intended.