My relationship with AcademyHealth began with student membership. As a graduate student, membership with AcademyHealth afforded me the opportunity to rub shoulders with the highest tier of professionals in the field. Having the chance to meet with scholars and leaders whose work I’d read about, made my studies that much more real and valuable.

Since graduating and moving into my professional career, the benefits of my membership have only grown stronger. I find the connection to such a wide range of health services researchers from different academic contexts and with unique intellectual perspectives and specialties incredibly valuable. Attending the Annual Research Meeting each year, I stay current on the latest research, implementation strategies, and dissemination methods in the field.

Perhaps my favorite membership benefit AcademyHealth offers is their commitment to serving as our voice in Washington. It’s satisfying to know that part of my dues support advocacy initiatives. And, because of their work in this area, I’m constantly expanding my networks and being connected to real change makers in health policy as AcademyHealth works to put me in front of people on Capitol Hill.

It’s nice to know that an organization is striving not only to support me and my work, but also the continued success of the field.

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