Frank H. Martin is a researcher at Mathematica Policy Research and affiliated with the Center for Studying Disability Policy. His work focuses on disability policy, transition-age youth, and knowledge translation. He is currently a co-investigator for the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Vocational Rehabilitation Practices for Youth and Young Adults. He has conducted quantitative and qualitative research on the health and employment outcomes of Social Security Disability Insurance beneficiaries and served as project director for the TRICARE Fourth Generation study group, providing research and analytic support to the Military Health System for the Department of Defense. Prior to joining Mathematica, Dr. Martin led dissemination efforts at the National Center for the Dissemination of Disability Research, Baylor College of Medicine and the Houston VA Health Services Research and Development Center of Excellence. Dr. Martin has presented at national conferences and published peer-reviewed articles in the Journal of Disability Policy Studies, Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, and Patient Education & Counseling.