Upon recognizing significant unmet needs and challenges in patients' experiences throughout their cancer diagnosis, Dr. Grace Cordovano, BCPA, founded Enlightening Results in 2010. As the culmination of her life's experiential learning and education, Dr. Cordovano is dedicated to fostering personalized patient advocacy services, specializing in oncology. She strategically guides patients & their carepartners through survivorship or end-of-life care planning with empathy, ensuring individuals are armed with the most pertinent, medically credible, easy-to-understand information and tools to make empowered decisions about their care. Dr. Cordovano is a champion for palliative care and clinical trials to be included earlier in cancer treatment planning paradigms. She amplifies the message that treatment planning must focus on treating the whole person, not just a clinical diagnosis. She is an advocate for leveraging digital technologies and data access to enhance the treatment of the whole person in the context of life-altering diagnoses, as well as for digital health and innovation to meet patients where they are. With over 20 years of advocacy experience, she thoroughly understands the barriers patients face due to data siloes, high Patient Administrative Burden (PAB), poorly designed, fragmented workflows, and lack of transparency. Dr. Cordovano co-founded Unblock Health to empower patients and their carepartners with modernized tools to request their all their electronic health information (EHI) as well as to request corrections to their EHI. Dr. Cordovano completed her Masters and Ph.D. in Biochemistry at Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Bronx, NY). She is a board-certified patient advocate via the international credentialing of the Patient Advocate Certification Board. She served as one of 5 national e-patient ambassadors for the Coalition of Compassionate Care of California, a PCORI research project funded by the Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award. She currently serves on the HITAC Interoperability Standards Workgroup, co-chairs The Sequoia Project Consumer Voices Workgroup, and the HLTH Foundation Techquity Advisory Committee. Dr. Cordovano is an award-winning patient advocate that has been featured in StatNews, KevinMD, Tincture, The Healthcare Blog, MobiHealthNews, US News & World Report, Kaiser News, and Politico. Follow her on Twitter @GraceCordovano.