Joseph B. Leader is Vice President, Research Data Science at Geisinger.  Mr. Leader has over 11 years of experience in Clinical Informatics and Bioinformatics ranging from research to clinical decision support and management of programmers and ETL developers within research.  As part of his responsibilities he has created and maintains various research data models (HCSRN VDW, PCORnet CDM, i2b2, OMOP/OHDSI CDM) and mechanisms for efficiently and effectively extracting and manipulating data into analysis ready datasets.  He is responsible for creating and maintaining methods of managing local terminology and mapping local data sources to (inter)national standard terminologies.  He co-leads the MyCode Community Health Initiative operations team and manages the triage and tracking of disease-causing variants for returning clinically actionable results.  In addition, he works with server management, networking, and other IT departments within Geisinger and Research to provide a platform for researchers to efficiently and effectively access and analyze data from multiple data sources.