I’ve always been interested in the intersection of health services research, health care, and health policy and AcademyHealth brings all of these together while still providing space for specialized interests. I quickly found a community within AcademyHealth that shared my focus on aging and the growing need for supportive services to those needing assistance with daily living activities: AcademyHealth’s Long Term Services and Support (LTSS) Interest Group.

Having an interest group that’s specific to LTSS is extremely unique. I haven’t found that at any other professional society. My involvement in the group has connected me to receptive, warm colleagues who share similar passions to my own and has had a direct impact on my career path. In order to advance an academic career, many universities require evidence of national involvement in the field. AcademyHealth was instrumental in connecting me to opportunities to show that national involvement, which offered me the ability to present at prestigious institutions such as Brown University and Johns Hopkins University. I’m now a full professor at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, and I can thank AcademyHealth and the LTSS Interest Group for helping me reach that goal!  

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