Laura Keys is the Membership Associate and Assistant Meeting Registrar at AcademyHealth. With a strong customer service background, Laura joined AcademyHealth in 2015 as the Office Assistant. In 2019, she transitioned from being the Office Coordinator, where she worked with the operations and accounting teams, into her current role with the membership, conferences, communications, scholarships, and fellowships teams. In this role, she gets to interact with new and renewing individual and organizational members on a daily basis; manage and work with the Interest Group leaders; and coordinate the Delivery System Science Fellowship, AcademyHealth/NCI Healthcare Delivery Research Visiting Scholar Program, Alice S. Hersh Student Scholarship program, and the Diversity Scholars Program. Laura also attends AcademyHealth conferences, where she assists with onsite registration and pre-registration badge retrieval, as well as with the AcademyHealth booth. She greatly enjoys not only interacting with members but meeting them in person to put a face to names she has gotten to know so well.