Lorin Ranbom is the Director of the Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center (GRC), a public university-based center for health policy, research and technical assistance, located at the Ohio State University Wexner College of Medicine.  He directs a collaborative program of the seven colleges of medicine in Ohio to provide technical assistance and university faculty expertise to state and local governments. He conducts research and policy analysis sponsored by state government health agencies.  He has directed the Ohio Medicaid Assessment Survey, one of the largest state sponsored population health survey in the United States. He is currently leading predictive modeling projects on infant mortality, severe maternal morbidity, and episode based payments,  He also leads program evaluation projects for Ohio’s Dual Eligible Managed Care Demonstration program, and infant mortality reduction initiatives.

He has held various leadership positions in Ohio government including Assistant Director and Chief of Health Services Research for Ohio’s State Medicaid Agency, and Director of the State Center for Health Statistics for the Ohio Department of Health.