Lynn Kiley is a patient in the Integrated Pelvic Health Program at Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation, as well as a parent, grandparent, and retired contract interior designer. She is a 30-year member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), specializing in restaurants, offices, and medical centers. Lynn has additionally served on the Board of Directors for two not-for-profit Child Advocacy organizations: (1) SOS Children’s Villages Illinois on the Executive Committee and VP of Board of Directors, and (2) After School Matters. In December of 1998, she underwent a bladder lift at Rush Medical Center in Chicago. Between 2002 and 2021, she shared incontinence issues with internists in two practices at Northwestern but received no referrals or offered treatment. In 2021, Lynn began with Dr. Geynisman-Tan as her physician after being referred by her 39-year-old niece. She was introduced to medications and treatments including Myrebetrig, Mesh Bladder left, Axonics, and Botox.