I’ve been a member of AcademyHealth for 20 years, joining as a student at the University of Minnesota. Over the years, AcademyHealth conferences and membership have enabled me to build my professional network, stay connected with colleagues, broaden my interests, and learn what’s new in the field. As I’ve gone on in my career and developed experience, AcademyHealth has provided me opportunities to participate actively in the organization by serving on the ARM planning committee, chairing abstract review committees, leading a methods workshop, and serving as a career coach. AcademyHealth has much to offer as a member, and even more when you get involved as a steward as others have before you.

AcademyHealth is my primary academic community; it’s the primary venue in which I can disseminate my work to my colleagues and to key players in D.C. As an organization, AcademyHealth is unique in being an academic society that interacts closely with the health policy community. As a result, there are many opportunities to get access to policy makers and stakeholders on Capitol Hill, which creates the possibility of greater impact of your work. This advocacy component has helped me understand issues that policy maker’s care about and guided me in understanding where to invest time and effort in framing current research and developing future research.

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