Today Mike is leading Essence Healthcare and Lumeris.  Essence Healthcare operates health care’s most effective virtual integrated delivery network (vIDN) for accountable care.  Structured as a Medicare Advantage plan, in 2016 it was one of only twelve 5-Star plans out of 400 and is the only one that doesn't own doctors and hospitals yet achieves extraordinarily high levels of physician and consumer engagement.  Lumeris delivers population health services, technologies, methodologies and learnings to health systems, hospitals, payers and physicians committed to delivering high-quality, cost effective, high-satisfaction accountable health care services.  Lumeris designs, builds and operates proprietary Population Health Services Organizations (PHSOs) that power Accountable Care Teams (ACTs) which allow providers and payers to safely share risk, manage patients and populations and perform with their value-based contracts.  Essence/Lumeris’ purpose is to slow the growth of health care’s $3 trillion in expenses while simultaneously improving clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Mike and his wife, Betty, are equestrians and their three children are rapidly progressing their entrepreneurial careers in Internet startups, robotics and health care.