Sandeep Palakodeti, MD MPH, is a physician, entrepreneur, and healthcare leader who currently serves as the regional medical officer for CareMore Health in TN as well as clinical design lead for CareMore’s top 5% full-risk mobile product.  In these roles, Dr. Palakodeti provides broad oversight to diverse clinical teams consisting of physicians, nurse practitioners, case managers, social workers, and community health workers and drives strategy and vision to create a truly differential experience for vulnerable populations across the country.  His work at CareMore spans the medicaid, medicare, and social spaces and he and his teams use data and trend analyses extensively in their delivery of care. By providing real-time dashboards and information management systems directly to the front-line, teams at CareMore are able to respond more significantly to the needs of their membership.

Prior to his time at CareMore, Sandeep was a senior associate consultant and academic hospitalist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  In this role, he helped develop Mayo’s first “early detection” inpatient alert system that used multiple data inputs to predict probability of acute care decompensation.  He also served as an advisor to the startup community interacting with Mayo through the Techstars++ program, where he provided guidance to various organizations working on data analytics in the healthcare space.  In addition, Dr. Palakodeti was the co-founder and chief medical officer of (acquired by Medopad), a startup based on personal health quantification, using disparate data sets to provide a more holistic picture of one’s health, wellness, and risk of future index events.  

Dr. Palakodeti received his medical degree and master’s in public health from Wright State University in his hometown of Dayton, OH.  He then completed his training in internal medicine at a highly-integrated urban system at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco, CA followed by completion of a fellowship in Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Harvard Medical School.