Shelley White-Means is Professor of Health Economics in the College of Graduate Health Sciences at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.  Dr. White-Means’ research specialty is health disparities facing vulnerable populations. This work specifically focuses on the underlying social and economic root factors associated with disparities in health outcomes and health care utilization. Her current focus is on reducing racial disparities in breast cancer mortality in Memphis, where these disparities have ranked highest in the nation. 

Dr. White-Means teaches graduate courses in health economics, health policy, and health disparities.  A former President of the National Economic Association and current member of the National Academy of Social Insurance, she received funding from the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities to establish CHEER, a community-based health disparities research center.  Dr. White-Means holds a PhD and MA in economics from Northwestern University, and a BA in economics from Grinnell College.