Dr. Yhenneko Taylor is Assistant Vice President for Analytics and Outcomes Research at Atrium Health and Adjunct Associate Professor of Social Sciences and Health Policy at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. She also serves as co-Director of the Center for Health System Sciences, which bridges the Wake Forest University School of Medicine academic core and the Advocate Health enterprise to foster continuous learning and improved patient outcomes. She previously served as founding director of the health services research program within the Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation, where she led an interdisciplinary team that collaborated with clinicians and other stakeholders to improve care delivery and patient outcomes by conducting real-world studies leveraging quantitative and qualitative research methods. As a health equity researcher, she studies access to care and outcomes of pregnancy, social determinants of health and health care needs of groups that have been economically and socially marginalized and has published extensively on these topics. Dr. Taylor received her Masters in Statistics from North Carolina State University and her PhD in Health Services Research from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where she is associate graduate faculty and member of the Public Health Advisory Board.