This project is funded under the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Research in Transforming Health and Health Care Systems (RTHS) program, which supports policy-relevant, community-engaged research on current or potential policies to transform health and health care systems. The goal of the study is to examine access to and affordability of abortion care for individuals, especially multiply marginalized young people, who travel to Massachusetts to obtain care in the wake of the 2022 Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization and subsequent state actions taken to curtail access to abortion. The study seeks to quantify the monetary cost of abortion care and related travel; examine method preference concordance, wait for care, and psychosocial stress; and identify barriers to travel and factors that inform abortion travelers’ choice of provider and state. The project team will conduct a quantitative survey and qualitative interviews to analyze the costs incurred and experience of traveling to obtain care. The research team, housed within the ASPIRE Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health at the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, Inc., will convene a community advisory board to contribute to the project design, conduct, and dissemination of findings and recommendations. Deliverables will include a project work plan and annual and final narrative and financial reports, as well as a range of products to reach policymakers and other audiences for study findings

Principal Investigator(s)

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Elizabeth Janiak, ScD

Assistant Professor - Harvard Medical School

Elizabeth Janiak is an interdisciplinary public health researcher and Assistant Professor at Brigham and Women... Read Bio