Building Trust

While studies have documented a lack of trust in the healthcare system, little evidence exists on how to build trust and mutual respect to address and overcome the health inequities that exist. Projects under the Building Trust and Mutual Respect to Improve Health Care program seek to understand the level of trust patients have across the many facets of the health care system.

Access, Affordability and Insurance Design

Access to quality health care systems is essential to good health, and it is not possible without affordable, quality health insurance coverage. These policy-relevant analyses from the Research in Transforming Health and Healthcare Systems program inform strategies to ensure access to high-quality, affordable health care and insurance coverage.

Local Health System Transformation

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Community Research for Health Equity program, managed by AcademyHealth, supports community-led research to address local health care system issues of importance to communities of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ individuals, and other historically marginalized populations. Local health system transformation needs to elevate community voices and make the priorities of communities the primary goal of local health system transformation efforts.

Medicaid Innovation

Experimentation in the Medicaid program creates an opportunity for states to modify their Medicaid programs to better meet enrollees’ health and social needs. Projects under the Research in Transforming Health and Healthcare Systems program examine Medicaid innovation, through Section 1115 Waivers or managed care organizations.