The Annual Research Meeting (ARM) wrapped up its 34th year with sessions highlighting critical and emerging issues in children’s health insurance program policies, health equity, and patient and consumer engagement.

20 Years of SCHIP: Past Successes, Future Challenges

Chair: Debbie Chang, Nemours Children’s Health System; Panelists: Genevieve Kenney, Urban Institute; Cathy Caldwell, Alabama Department of Public Health; Joanne Jee, MACPAC; Amy Lutzky, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; Ruth Kennedy, Southern Strategy Group

This session reviewed how far we’ve come with the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) and considered future challenges in the new political landscape. Experts presented the latest research trends and reviewed the recently released recommendations on the future of SCHIP from MACPAC. The panel included perspectives of a state SCHIP program and a federal SCHIP official about the current challenges and improvements needed for success over the next 20 years.

Discussion from the audience focused on the differences in Medicaid and CHIP structure from state to state and how well the programs were meeting children’s health care needs.

This session highlighted AcademyHealth’s work to address cost growth, encourage efficiency and quality, and provide for care via insurance, Medicare and Medicaid so that people receive the best care at the best value. Learn more.

Structural Racism, Health Systems, and Health Inequities

Chair: Sirry Alang, Lehigh University Panelists: Rachel Hardeman, University of Minnesota; Margarita Alegria, Harvard Medical School; Brandi White, Medical University of South Carolina; Joia Crear-Perry, National Birth Equity Collaborative

Despite interventions at the individual and community levels, racial health inequities persist within health systems. During this session, panelists delved into the topic of structural racism and discussed strategies to eliminate racial health inequities and steps that health services researchers can take to confront structural racism.

Dr. Rachel Hardeman, while not able to attend, passed along her slides to be presented on her behalf. Dr. Hardeman’s presentation focused on the topic and definition of structural racism, while Dr. Brandi White shared strategies and opportunities to diversify the healthcare workforce. Suggestions included programs at grade school levels (6-12) to introduce students to the field, mentorship programs, retentions plans, recruitment programs and workforce pathways. Dr. Alegria followed with a discussion of recent research on disparities and Dr. Crear-Perry discussed the “Campaign for Black Babies” presented by the National Birth Equity Collaborative.

This session highlighted AcademyHealth’s commitment to promoting racial and ethnic diversity among our members and the field at large, as well as supporting the study of disparities in health and health care. Learn more.

Effective Engagement in Rare Disease Research: What Does That Mean and How Do You Do It?

Chair: Elizabeth Cope, Aequitas, LLC; Panelists: Megan O'Boyle, Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation; Holly Peay, RTI International

During this session, participants confronted critical gaps in methods for engaging patients in rare disease research using three patient-powered research networks as case studies. Speakers explored and discussed the practice of engagement, how effectiveness is assessed, and how improvements can be supported. The presenters acknowledged the need to bring all stakeholders and data together to get the whole story, and govern the resources effectively to create structure and process for efficient use.

During the audience discussion, presenters discussed the challenges and constraints of engaging patients and gathering research in communities where technology, such as computers, are not widely available.

This session aligns with AcademyHealth’s commitment to supporting and fostering collaboration between consumers, patients, researchers and delivery systems leaders to improve the relevance and application of health services research. Learn More.

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