The below seminars addresses the basics of understanding propensity score analysis and its use for health services research; key analytic strategies conducting propensity score analysis, including matching, weighting, and sub-classification in Stata and R; and practical considerations and common complications when using propensity scores.


Applied Propensity Score Analysis I: Rationale and Basic Techniques

Format: On-demand, streaming presentation with voice-over

Learning objectives for part I of the series include:

  • Understanding propensity score analysis is and why it might be conducted.
  • Appreciating the differences between a propensity score analysis and a common regression-based analysis.
  • Understanding the basic procedures involved in a propensity score analysis.
  • Appreciating the major shortcomings of propensity score analyses.

Applied Propensity Score Analysis II: Practical Considerations and Lessons for Use

Format: On-demand, streaming presentation with voice-over

Learning objectives for part II of the series include:

  • Learning how to implement propensity score matching, weighting, and sub-classification in R
  • The ability to diagnose whether or not a propensity score method "worked" at balancing the covariates.
  • Understanding some strategies to deal with some of the common complications in using propensity scores

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