CHP Community Profile Spotlight

This project snapshot provides an overview of the community and details the project approach, anticipated impact, timeline, collaborators and lists the project team.

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In January 2016 AcademyHealth's Community Health Peer Learning (CHP) Program in partnership with the Office of the National Coordinator, awarded 15 communities with grants to work towards improving community health through the expanded collection, exchange, and use of health data.

This Community profile outlines the efforts of the Crescent City Participant Community (CCPC), which  is administered by the Louisiana Public Health Institute with joint leadership from partners. The CCPC worked to use health information technology (HIT) to share management and coordinate care — aggregating data from electronic health records (EHRs), proprietary and public community-level records, public health information, and the Greater New Orleans Health Information Exchange (GNOHIE). The CCPC aims to identify and intervene for the severe and persistently mentally ill and other vulnerable people that are high-utilizers of the criminal justice system, emergency departments, emergency medical or crisis response services, psychiatric facilities, and social services agencies.