Special Issue Focuses on Data’s Potential to Drive Health System Transformation

Special Issue Focuses on Data’s Potential to Drive Health System Transformation

This one-pager gives an overview of the AHRQ-sponsored special issue in eGEMs.

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This special issue showcases research that leverages data as a driver of health system transformation. Papers in the collection include traditional general hypothesis testing, predictive analytics research, and case studies that showcase frontline innovations within health systems. The open access publication is available in full here and includes the following titles:

Data Sourcing and Acquisition

  • Patient-Clinician Decision Making for Stable Angina: The Role of Health Literacy
  • Understanding U.S. Health Systems: Using Mixed Methods to Unpack Organizational Complexity

Enhancing Data Access and Usability

  • Making Evidence Actionable: Interactive Dashboards, Bayes, and Health Care Innovation
  • Making Better Use of Population Health Data for Community Health Improvement
  • Beyond CHNAS: Performance measurement for community health improvement
  • A Spatial Analyses of Health Disparities Associated with Antibiotic Resistant Infections in Children Living in Atlanta (2002-2010)

Data Analysis and Application

  • Age-Dependent Hemoglobin A1c Therapeutic Targets Reduce Diabetic Medication Changes in the Elderly
  • Predicting the Incidence of Pressure Ulcers in the Intensive Care Unit Using Machine Learning

Data Sharing and Dissemination

  • Applying a Commercialization-Readiness Framework to Optimize Value for Achieving Sustainability of an Electronic Health Data Research Network and its Data Capabilities: The SAFTINet Experience
  • Innovative Solutions for State Medicaid Programs to Leverage Their Data, Build Their Analytic Capacity, and Create Evidence-Based Policy