Paradigm Poster

Paradigm Project Posters at AcademyHealth’s 2020 Annual Research Meeting

This publication includes the posters of each of the 17 Design Teams in the Paradigm Project as presented at the 2020 Annual Research Meeting.

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The Paradigm Project seeks to help the field of health services research develop the innovations needed to assure its relevance. 17 diverse, multi-disciplinary Design Teams are using the tools of “design thinking” to address different challenges currently facing the field, from how research is produced to how it is used.

For the 2020 Annual Research Meeting, AcademyHealth staff prepared posters for each of the 17 Design Teams and presented each team’s challenge, idea, prototype, and lessons learned to date. Posters address a variety of challenges, from using technology-based interventions, such as an online community to share and generate ideas to a platform to connect researchers with patients and community members; and an open-access paper-sharing platform. Others focus on building relationships, like a collaboration mechanism between researchers and technology innovators; “bridgers” to tie researchers with communities; and a festival experience that demonstrates the value of diversity and inclusion in the workforce. Ideas also look at ways of changing the research ecosystem such as a mechanism to rate intermediaries that communicate research findings, a resource for funders to solicit actionable solutions to real-world problems, and redesigning the health services research curriculum to prepare a workforce that can work in multiple settings, beyond academia.

Additional information about the project can be found here.