Paradigm Project January 2021 Newsletter Cover

The Blueprint: Paradigm Project Updates

January 2021’s edition of the Blueprint includes articles on artificial intelligence, scientific publishing during the COVID-19 pandemic, types of evidence and their perceived legitimacy, and community engagement in research.

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With the holidays behind us, Paradigm Design Teams are resuming preparation for larger-scale tests. The newsletter provides two updates on the development of their prototypes. One Design Team is planning to test a small-scale version of their festival idea, which will include storytelling videos, collaborative breakout sessions, shared spaces to sustain engagement among participants after the festival itself ends, and more. Another Design Team will simulate their prototype, a process of selecting an intervention to address an equity problem and planning its implementation with a member of a community-based organization, a health services researcher, and a representative of a health care delivery organization. Simulation can be useful in human-centered design, allowing participants to identify the previously unrecognized holes, flawed assumptions, and successes of an idea.  

In this edition of Blueprint, you will meet four Black women who are working to improve artificial intelligence in a People of Color in Tech article. You will also find: seven charts that demonstrate the way the COVID-19 pandemic has changed research publishing; recommendations for research organizations to seeking to assess the societal impact of their work; research that suggests “conservatives tend to see expert evidence and personal experience as more equally legitimate than liberals, who put a lot more weight on the scientific perspective;” and three examples of stakeholder engagement in research to learn from their challenges and best practices.

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