Andrea Williams-Muhammad is a community organizer, public health advocate, wife and mother from Baltimore, Maryland. She is passionate about creating a healthier and more equitable future for mothers and children. Andrea has dedicated her life to improving maternal health through her work as a community organizer and public health advocate; working in various capacities in Baltimore and the surrounding areas. She has organized and led numerous initiatives to increase access to health care, education, and other resources in her community as one of the founding members of the Community Advisory Board with the Baltimore City Health Department. Under this program, she crafted and coordinated the City's first community-based doula program. Her efforts have resulted in improved outcomes for mothers and children in her community. She is a strong advocate for maternal health equity and has been a driving force in providing access to quality healthcare, education, and resources to underserved communities. Andrea is also a mother of four and understands the importance of providing her children with the best possible care. She is a dedicated and passionate advocate for mothers and children and is committed to creating a better future for them.

Andrea Williams-Muhammad is a 2023 grantee of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Research in Transforming Health and Healthcare Systems program, managed by AcademyHealth.

Authored by Andrea Williams-Muhammad