Dr. Anupa Bir is a health economist at RTI International, where she leads a division of 200+ researchers. Her 20 years of large-scale, real-world, mixed-method, collaborative evaluation leadership from within a research nonprofit organization offer a complementary perspective to the experience of academic and public sector council members. Dr. Bir’s current work focuses on three areas: 1) evaluation needs of the policy process and policy makers with a focus on meta-analysis, 2) merging data sources to address social determinants of health, and 3) the use of emerging technologies like machine learning and predictive analytics in health policy research. She is co-editor with Dr. Steve Sheingold of ASPE of a textbook on evaluation for health policy and health care published by SAGE, and co-author of a textbook focused on a 10-year study she led of incarcerated fathers published by UC Press.