As a frequent speaker at industry forums and conferences for both healthcare and digital technologies, David is recognized as a well-respected transformational digital health strategist who provides passionate insights and a unique perspective on the convergence of mobile, social and micro insights to orchestrate consumer digital health experiences. David brings a distinct viewpoint in helping companies leverage innovative technologies to help drive and transform population health management programs with a focus on the consumer experience.

David has over 25 years of experience within the healthcare, telecommunications and travel sectors, where he held senior leadership positions at Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan, the University of Michigan health System – MCARE: and ALLNET Communications.

Prior to SocialWellth, David was Senior Vice President at WebMD where he led the Payer division.  Before that, he was the Founder and CEO of Optate – a benefits decision support services company focused on consumer decision support tools and engagement, which was acquired by WebMD.  David was also the Co-Founder of HealthMedia – a health behavioral improvement company which was acquired by Johnson & Johnson.

David currently serves on the Board of Data Dimensions and also serves on the advisory board of several well renowned academic institutions.  David is also the Founder and Chairman of DHX Group, a nonprofit organization focused on the acceleration of digital health innovation in a manner in which all participating parties benefit.