Jennifer Perez, LICSW has served as the National Director, Post-9/11 Transition and Case Management (TCM), formerly Transition and Care Management, since 2016 and is the principal advisor on VA Transition and Care Management Services within the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). She leads all aspects of the VA Liaison and Post-9/11 Military2VA Case Management Programs nationally, at the VISN and facility level, providing consultation, guidance, and policy development for VA Transition and Case Management practice.

As the National Director of Post-9/11 TCM, Ms. Perez oversees facility implementation of  VA Transition and Care Management Services to coordinate healthcare for Servicemembers transitioning from the Department of Defense (DoD) to VA healthcare facilities and to coordinate patient care activities to ensure Servicemembers, Veterans and their families receive patient-centered, and integrated care and benefits. She has developed and implemented appropriate policies for VA Transition and Case Management Programs, promoted these initiatives, monitored their overall effectiveness, modifying as necessary. Ms. Perez partners with specialty VHA programs to integrate case management services and professional practice standards across VHA. She has developed and maintains effective partnerships with DoD program offices to collaborate and synchronize shared policies and processes. She currently serves as VA’s co-chair for the VA/DoD Caregiver Coordination Workgroup under the VA/DoD Health Executive Committee which provides an ongoing forum for interagency collaboration and to identify opportunities to enhance care coordination between DoD and VA. Ms. Perez has also established dynamic public private partnerships with community and service organizations to enhance services to Veterans. She’s created unique programming that embeds VA expertise with private entities, such as the Warrior Care Network© and Marcus Institute for Brain Health, further supporting Veteran preference and experience. Ms. Perez is responsible for assisting with sensitive health care practice issues and responding to inquiries from within the Department, VHA, DoD, Congress, and the Government Accountability Office.  Additionally, Ms. Perez was detailed to the position in 2019 of Acting National Director of the Caregiver Support Program. In this role she led the charge to implement the VA MISSION Act of 2018 which expands eligibility for the Caregiver Support Program's Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers.

Ms. Perez has served in various leadership capacities in VA Central Office and holds bachelor’s degree in Social Work from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia and a master’s degree in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.  She is a licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Washington DC.