Kathryn Thompson, M.H.A. is a second year Health Services Research Ph.D. student at Brown University School of Public Health in the department of Health Services Research, Policy, and Practice. Primarily, Kathryn is interested in Medicaid Policy. Specifically, her research focuses on how Medicaid Policy pertains to HIV positive pregnant women, their access to health services, their birth outcomes, and their adherence to antiretroviral therapy. As a student leader at Brown University, Kathryn is a member of her departmental Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) Committee, the Diversity Advisory Council, the Graduate Student Council, and the Samuel M. Nabrit Black Graduate Student Association. Through her memberships, she has become an advocate for students of color on campus and continues to pursue equity for graduate students. Before pursuing her education at Brown, Kathryn received her Bachelor of Science (2014) and Masters of Health Administration (2017) from the University of Central Florida.