Laura Lagendyk has 15+ years’ experience leading academic and applied health research and evaluation teams and projects.

Ms. Lagendyk has a background in science with a BSc from the University of Western Ontario and social work with a BSW from the University of Calgary. Laura completed an MSc in Health Research from the University of Calgary. She has worked on quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods projects in clinical settings, academic women’s health research, and primary care.

For the last 10 years Ms. Lagendyk has worked in knowledge management in the Alberta, Canada health care system, helping health care staff gather and make better use of all kinds of evidence, including research, evaluation, and evidence gained from clinical knowledge and experience, in health services decision making.

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So What? Helping Stakeholders See the Value in Research Results

Keeping stakeholders engaged throughout the research process is essential to ensuring research makes a difference in policy and practice. Laura Lagendyk of NVivo, an AcademyHealth Organizational Affiliate, shares a practical example of one way to help stakeholders make the link between data and the relevance to the research.
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