Recently named among Fortune's 40 Under 40 in Healthcare, Dr.Lauren Powell serves as the President & CEO of The Equitist. She previously served as the inaugural Vice President of US Health Equity & Community Wellness at Takeda Pharmaceuticals. In this trailblazing industry role, she moved a global pharma company’s commitment to drive health equity, to impact by activating healthequity in all aspects of drug development, brand planning, and market access. As the founding leader of The Equitist, she helps systems and leaders move from embracing health equity in theory to action. As the premier learning and development hub for health equity, The Equitist recently launched the nation’s first Health Equity Masterclass -- a virtual live facilitated course equipping health professionals across the healthcare ecosystem with the tools to apply and operationalize health equity no matter their position or role. Through immersive workshops, executive and individual coaching, and keynote speaking she shifts mindsets, sways opinions, and enlightens the leaders who are shaping policies and making decisions that impact everyone’s health.

For more than a decade, Dr. Powell has been immersed in broad and progressive leadership positions where she’s been unapologetically outspoken about racial injustices and health inequities. Her professional and personal experiences spearheading health equity efforts in healthcare, state government, academia, and public health, make her a nationally sought-after leader, speaker, and consultant on all things health equity. Formerly the Director of Health Equity for the Commonwealth of Virginia, Dr. Powell was the youngest Black woman and the first with a Ph.D. to serve in this powerful role where she led statewide strategic plans and initiatives toward pushing Virginia’s 8.5 million residents closer to health equity.

Dr. Powell has an established track record as a trailblazer in health equity with doctoral training in systems change thinking, community engagement, social epidemiology, and the social determinants of health. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Xavier University of Louisiana, a Master in Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical and Population Health Research at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Dr. Powell deeply values mentorship and community engagement. She actively seeks opportunities to help mold and encourage the next generation of leaders in health equity.

Dr. Powell has been featured on several national and international news sources and outlets for her commentary on the detrimental impacts of racism on the health of all of us but particularly Black and Brown communities, including Marie Claire, Politico, The Guardian, Huffington Post, BBC, CNBC, PBS NewsHour, NowThis, and Cheddar. Dr. Lauren Powell is a Harvard-trained public health leader,health equity visionary, and truth-teller who fearlessly tackles difficult topics out loud. She is a bold voice on dismantling racism across the US health ecosystem, often calling out the urgency of racism as a public health emergency while offering tangible solutions to drive antiracism and activate health equity in healthcare.

Through her company, The Equitist, and her social media followership, Dr. Powell reaches thousands of leaders in healthcare and public health every week. Her insights have been featured in Marie Claire, Politico, STAT News, The Guardian,CNBC, BBC, Cheddar, Huffington Post, and PBS News Hour, and she was recently named among Fortune’s 40 Under 40 in Healthcare.

Dr. Powell recently served as the inaugural Vice President of USHealth Equity & Community Wellness at Takeda Pharmaceuticals where she led a Top 10 pharma company in strategizing and operationalizing health equity. Formerly the Director of Health Equity for the Commonwealth of Virginia, she was the youngest Black woman to serve in this role as a State Health Official responsible for the health and wellness of Virginia’s 8.5 million residents. Her unique trailblazing career has spanned academia, government, the non-profit and private sector industries—and she’s just getting started.

Authored by Lauren Powell, M.P.A., Ph.D.