Dr. Marjorie McGee is the REALD & SOGI Director in the Equity & Inclusion Division of the Oregon Health Authority. She oversees and is charged with implementing the Race, Ethnicity, Language and Disability (REALD) data collection standards, and soon the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) data collection standards. She oversees a unit with 23 positions (most of whom are new and in process of being filled). Prior to this role, Dr. McGee served as the REALD Equity Analyst in OEI since 2016. Her work set the stage for where the unit is now. When able, she also conducts research and data quality analyses with other datasets using REALD & SOGI data. Dr. McGee identifies as a white, cis, deaf and hard of hearing, queer and as a critical disability studies scholar. She has published articles on health inequities experienced by people with disabilities; she has a keen interest in taking an intersectional approach to reveal avoidable social and health inequities present within groups as well as between groups. Dr. McGee started her career as a vocational rehabilitation counselor with a deaf/hard of hearing caseload. Other previous roles include working in the Oregon Disabilities Commission as the manager of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Assistance Program, Quality Assurance Specialist in the Breast and Cervical Cancer program, Executive Director of the Women with Disabilities Health Equity Coalition and research analyst at Portland State University. Dr. McGee holds B.A. in Psychology from Whitman College, a M.S. in Counseling from Western Oregon State University focusing on counseling deaf and hard of hearing people, and a Ph.D. from Portland State University in Social Work Research focusing on health disparities. She is also an adjunct at Portland State University.