My experiences with AcademyHealth have really altered the trajectory of my career in many ways. Having the opportunity to work with a translation and communications mentor as part of an AcademyHealth sponsored project really opened my eyes to the value of translating my research in a way that anyone could understand it. To this day, that seemingly simple revelation has shaped the way I think about and produce my work.

Engaging with AcademyHealth helped me take my research beyond the conference convention hall by putting me directly in front of policy makers. AcademyHealth invited me to speak at an Up-Close briefing for executive branch policy makers on Capitol Hill, which allowed me to share my work with those at the forefront of making change in the field. This has led to other opportunities for me to speak at a variety of other AcademyHealth conferences as avenues of disseminating my research that I never would have considered before. My work with AcademyHealh has been instrumental in developing my career as a researcher.  It has helped me to understand the importance of not only producing the research, but the responsibility of doing it in a way that has an impact on policy. That has been invaluable.

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