Roya Sherafat a physician and epidemiologist with extensive experience in both clinical and health policy research. She has worked as a clinical researcher for more than a decade studying cardiometabolic risks and obesity both in observational studies and clinical trial settings.

Since 2013, Dr. Sherafat joined Schneider Institute for Health Policy at Brandeis University as a healthcare system researcher working on a variety of topics involving performance of healthcare systems, patient outcomes and population health management. Her work covered alternative payment models, design of claims-based episode grouper for the CMS, and risk adjustment models in various econometric evaluations. Dr. Sherafat’s interest involved conceptualizing and adapting appropriate measurement tools in the context of quality assessment in programs such as Next-Generation ACO and Bundle Payment initiatives. Her latest research examined implications of Patient-Reported Outcomes as tools for hospital quality assessment in bundled-payment for joint replacement surgery.

Since March of 2022, Dr. Sherafat has joined Mapi Research Trust (MRT) as the Scientific Director. Mapi is a non-for-profit research organization with the mission of bringing the patient’s voice into the practice of medicine and in scientific research including drug development processes and clinical practice.