Tianyue Mi, M.A., is a Ph.D. Candidate in Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior (HPEB) at the Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina (UofSC), and a pre-doctoral research trainee at the South Carolina SmartState Center for Healthcare Quality (CHQ). She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in clinical psychology both from Peking University, China. Her research interest falls into intertwined effect of psychological, social, and physical factors on healthcare access, quality and outcomes. Her doctoral training has prepared her to be a prolific researcher on social determinants of health and health disparities. In all her work, she is motivated by a deep desire to engage in social, behavioral, and clinical-relevant research that will improve the health status and wellbeing of vulnerable populations, especially people living with chronic disease and women at peripartum.

Ms. Mi is a recipient of a 2022 AcademyHealth Alice S. Hersh Student Scholarship for the Annual Research Meeting.