Creative and entrepreneurial individuals and organizations in different sectors are using technology to improve the care experience and promote engagement in research. This project aims to accelerate the adoption and use of consumer-friendly communications practices, data collection platforms, and other consumer decision support tools that improve the care experience and increase engagement in research and personal health. 

Using a collaborative consensus process, AcademyHealth convened two invitational workshops of consumers, patients, caregivers; health services researchers; web developers; data scientists; social media experts; and usability experts who will work together to develop publishable peer-reviewed papers. 

To accomplish these goals, cross-sector teams are writing four publishable papers on the following topics representing key concerns for consumers, patients and caregivers:

  1. a review of the evidence base for shared decision-making;
  2. tools (e.g., web portals, wearables) that support shared decision-making;
  3. policy issues related to privacy, security, and access to personal health data to support shared decision-making; and
  4. culture change to actively promote the consumer/patient/voice in shared decision-making.  



Margo Edmunds, Ph.D.

Vice President, Evidence Generation and Translation - AcademyHealth

As Vice President for Evidence Generation and Translation, Dr. Margo Edmunds leads AcademyHealth's portfolios ... Read Bio

Lauren Adams

Lauren Adams, M.A.

Director of Communications and Public Relations - AcademyHealth

Lauren Adams, M.A., is director of communications and public relations at AcademyHealth, where she oversees pu... Read Bio

Tamara Infante

Tamara Infante

Conferences Manager - AcademyHealth

Tamara Infante joined AcademyHealth in January 2016 and is a Conferences Manager on the conference team. Read Bio