The nation’s 25 million teens ages 13 through 18 comprise one out of every 12 U.S. residents and there is increasing recognition of adolescence as a unique and critical developmental period with the current and future implications of adolescent psychological health having impact across the lifespan. Despite being in the prime of their lives, today’s adolescents are not all flourishing psychologically, socially, or emotionally

This project focuses on policies that promote the social, psychological, and emotional wellbeing of adolescents and uses a stepwise approach to develop an agenda that aligns policy recommendations with the current state of the science. After conducting a rapid evidence review, a scan and assessment of recent policy recommendations, and key informant interviews, the project will provide an updated list of policy recommendations for use by Well Being Trust as well as the broader adolescent health policy and research communities to enhance teen flourishing.


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Denise Dougherty, Ph.D.

Senior Scholar in Residence - AcademyHealth

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Elizabeth Cope, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Vice President, Health Systems Improvement - AcademyHealth

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Richard L. Wittenberg

Richard L. Wittenberg

President and CEO - Adolescents and Children Together for Health (ACT for HEALTH)

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