The guide is composed of four overarching recommendations for building an environment that facilitates patient trust. These include building an organizational culture, focusing on person-centered care, cultivating a physical environment, and engaging the community at large. Each recommendation includes a list of approaches identified in our research that reinforce the primary recommendation. Practical steps toward patient trust summarizing the recommendations and approaches appears on page 3. This guide is intended for hospital administrators and clinical providers working to enhance patient experience at an institutional level. This document might best serve leaders within essential hospitals with the authority and influence to make policy, process, and cultural changes. Nonetheless, the recommendations are applicable to many hospitals that attend to the needs of the underserved or work in resource-limited environments.

Jennifer Stephens

Jennifer Stephens, M.P.H.

Principal Research Associate - America’s Essential Hospitals

Jennifer Stephens is a principal research associate at America’s Essential Hospitals. Read Bio