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Hospitals & Health Systems

How we organize and deliver health care can affect its quality. Are there enough hospitals in the community to meet its needs? When health care providers work for a health system, do they deliver different care than those who don’t? This kind of evidence about hospitals and health systems is critical to delivering better care.

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New Research Will Provide Insights into the Behavioral Health Workforce and the Services They Provide

AcademyHealth is highlighting four new projects at the UNC Behavioral Health Workforce Research Center to address the strategic aims of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).
Posted Apr 16, 2024 By Annaliese Johnson, M.P.P.
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The Better Care Plan: Continuous Improvement, Lower Total Cost, Enhanced Patient Safety and Patient Outcomes

AcademyHealth members offer recommendations for the United States health care system to accelerate its efforts to provide better, more affordable care by changing how it pays for care; how it delivers care; and how it reports on the safety and quality of the care provided.
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Study Tour Reflections from Dave Chokshi and Aaron Carroll in JAMA Health Forum and The New York Times: Moving Beyond the Health Insurance Debates

In a two-part essay for JAMA Health Forum and a NY Times column, Dave Chokshi and Aaron Carroll respectively share insights from the 2023 AcademyHealth/Commonwealth Fund study tour to New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore that should be instructive for the U.S. health care and policy community.
Posted Jul 10, 2023 By Danielle DeCosta, M.P.H.