Paradigm Project February 2021 Newsletter Cover

The Blueprint: Paradigm Project Updates

This month’s edition of the Paradigm Project newsletter focuses on improving the relevance of HSR methodology, timeliness, and impact.

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The Paradigm Project is bustling with convening activity in the first half of 2021. On January 28-29, the Learning Community and Steering Council engaged in two afternoons of discussion. Participants had a chance to reengage with one another, get caught up on progress to-date, experience current prototypes being tested by the five active Design Teams, contribute to the work of these teams, hear stakeholder perspectives on the project, and articulate how this group and AcademyHealth can transform its work and enthusiasm into an ongoing movement for change.

In the coming months, the Paradigm Project will also host expert meetings to explore the relevance of three timely “science innovation” topics for the field of health services research. The first meeting on February 24-25 will convene a small group of experts to consider the use of complex, unstructured data and AI techniques in health services research. The second and third meetings in this series will take place in April 2021 and examine the application of “open science” principles to HSR and innovations in incentives and rewards for academic research.

February’s edition of the Blueprint features relevant articles from the archives that focus on the gaps between machine-learning prediction methods and decision-making and other issues related to the use of complex, unstructured data in health services research. The newsletter also highlights an article exploring lessons from COVID-19 for reducing the 17-year lag between scientific discovery and clinical application, a commentary by Lisa Cooper in which she urges researchers to actively seek out collaborations with communities, and two resources on diversity, equity, and inclusion in HSR.

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