SUPLN Overview for Interested Collaborative Partners

SUPLN Overview for Interested Collaborative Partners

This one-pager provides a snapshot of the Network’s collective and individual partner strengths, including research capabilities, expertise, and cross-state collaborative opportunities.

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In many states, Medicaid agencies are partnering with research centers at public universities to conduct data-driven policy analysis and support program development, monitoring, and evaluation. These state-university partnerships offer unique advantages as states strive to serve as laboratories of policy innovation and address the many challenges facing Medicaid programs today. Established by AcademyHealth in 2014, SUPLN continues to support partners ever-expanding analytic capacities and expertise to generate relevant, timely and quality Medicaid evidence on priority topics for dissemination with state and federal agency partners.

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Zoe D’Angelo

Research Assistant - AcademyHealth

Zoe D’Angelo is a Research Assistant at AcademyHealth, where she supports the Evidence-Informed State Health P... Read Bio