Anton Avanceña (he, him) is an Assistant Professor of Health Outcomes in the College of Pharmacy and of Internal Medicine (by courtesy) in the Dell Medical School of the University of Texas at Austin. A decision scientist by training, Anton studies how efficiency and equity in health can be improved globally. He leverages simulation modeling and economic evaluation techniques, among other methodologies, to understand the value of health technologies, clinical and population-level interventions, and large-scale policies. His recent work has focused on mental and behavioral health, particularly alcohol misuse, though he continues to do research in other clinical areas such as pediatrics, infectious diseases, and oncology. Anton received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan School of Public Health, where he was a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Research Scholar. He is a previous recipient of the Alice S. Hersh Student Scholarship and serves on AcademyHealth's Membership Committee.

Authored by Anton Avanceña, Ph.D.