Dr. Shelton is the program manager for the CYSHCNet National Research Network (CYSHCNet). She directs the network’s Family Engagement program and co-directs the Emerging Investigator training program. Her research interests are in the area of youth, family, and patient involvement as research partners. She and her colleagues published the Standard of Compensation for Youth & Family Partners, currently the only guide of its kind in the U.S. With an international team, she is writing a comprehensive guide to research partnerships that will be available in Fall/Winter 2022. As a former critical care nurse, Dr. Shelton worked in the trauma center and NICU at LAC-USC Medical Center and was part of the case management team at AIDS Project Los Angeles. She holds masters degrees in sociology and public administration and a Ph.D. in Health & Behavioral Sciences.

Authored by Charlene Shelton, Ph.D.