Diana Buist is an epidemiologist and health services researcher. She is the Director of Research and Strategic Partnerships and a Senior Investigator at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute (formerly Group Health Research Institute) in Seattle, WA. Diana has been leading and conducting epidemiologic research at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute and have been committed to reducing the harms and increasing the benefits regarding health care use with much of her research focused in the area of breast cancer screening and outcomes. She had been conducting research in partnership with the medical director of quality at Kaiser Permanente Washington to reduce low value care use at Kaiser Permanente Washington through transparent feedback and a series of micro-experiments. Diana is also working with RJW and the MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation, in Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute to work with different settings to implement an action-planning framework to reduce low value care: http://www.maccollcenter.org/updates/news/taking-action-overuse. She was formerly a part-time Senior Scholar in Residence at AcademyHealth, where she coauthored an issue brief on low value care priorities.

Involvement at AcademyHealth:

  • Committee Member - 2018 Annual Research Meeting

Authored by Diana Buist, Ph.D., M.P.H.