Ms. Holubowich has 15 years of experience in health and fiscal policy, government relations, strategic communications and coalition management. She is the executive director and founding co-chair of the Coalition for Health Funding and the Washington representative for AcademyHealth.


Authored by Emily Holubowich, M.P.P.

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President's Budget Deals Devastating Blow to Science...But Only If We Let It

The president's budget request is typically described by journalists and political pundits as "dead on arrival" regardless of who is in charge of what branch of government. Congress takes their constitutional "power of the purse" very seriously, and while lawmakers do take the president's request into consideration, they take pride in making their own funding decisions...
Posted By Emily Holubowich, M.P.P.
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Effective Strategies for Communicating Public Health Findings with the Media and Policymakers


Note: We are aware of and apologize for the beeps at the beginning and end of the seminar. While we were not able to edit these out, the beeps do not impact any of the substantive portions of the seminar and we do hope that you will find the session useful. We have followed up about the issue and are confident that it will not happen again on future AcademyHealth webinars.

Duration: 90 min.

Abstract: Health services research (HSR) and public health services and systems research (PHSSR) findings have important relevance for policy. For these findings to impact health policy and practice, the research must be translated and tailored for a policy-minded audience. This webinar will provide pointers for how researchers can communicate effectively with decision-makers. Panelists will review the various vehicles for communicating messages to key constituencies, give tips on developing messages and outreach strategies, explain how the media can be utilized to bridge research and policy, and discuss how to become more involved in health policy and local health decision-making. A special focus will be given to public health, and examples will be drawn from the field of PHSSR.

Thanks to generous support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, this webinar was free.

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