Jean Drouin, M.D., is passionate about transforming healthcare delivery across the continuum of care. He is the founder and CEO of Clarify Health Solutions, which delivers insights and digital solutions to empower healthcare providers and payers to optimize care and thrive in a value-based world. Jean previously led McKinsey & Company’s Healthcare Digital and IT Practice, where he gained experience in developing digital strategies for healthcare clients, serving over 20 countries and 100 health systems and payers on engagements that generated over $1B in value.

Authored by Jean Drouin, M.D.

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Breaking through the hype in health care: What can machine learning really do for your patients?

The holy grail in health care is not fancier technology and tools, it is physician and patient behavior change. Machine learning will truly come of age when it can improve the decision-making of clinicians and patients or improve their efficiency in carrying out the actions that follow from those decisions.
Posted By Jean Drouin, M.D.