Rebekah SM Angove, Ph.D. is a health services researcher, non-profit executive, and leader in patient engagement. Through her Ph.D. training and practical experience in public health, she has extensive expertise in the principles and methodology of patient and community engagement, participatory processes, patient centered outcomes research and the integration of patient experiences/ patient reported outcomes into care, research, and policy.

Dr. Angove currently serves as EVP of Research and Evaluation at Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF), providing strategic oversight and leadership to their research portfolio, data and analysis team, and evaluation efforts. Dr. Angove is also the Executive Director of PAF’s Patient Insight Institute, strategically partnering with research, healthcare, and policy leaders to integrate patient-centered evidence and insights into transforming healthcare. The work of the Patient Insight Institute specifically focuses on elevating the voice of diverse patients that have historically been underrepresented in these spaces.

Authored by Rebekah Angove, Ph.D.