I am doctoral candidate in Health Service Research, Policy, and Administration at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health. My research has two focuses: 1) assessing the impact of racist labor market policies and practices on occupational health disparities; 2) evaluating how dismantling structural racism in labor markets promotes equity in health among workers. I am a multi-method researcher, using both traditional regression-based methods and mathematical modeling to answer my research questions. For my dissertation, I am building a microsimulation model to determine the extent to which diversity policies (e.g., affirmative actions, anti-discrimination laws) help reduce the hypertension disparity among Black and White healthcare workers.  Since 2019, I also serve as a committee member of the AcademyHealth Disparities Interest Group. In collaboration with two other student IG members, we are launching a workplace culture study to examine diversity among health services and policy researchers and factors that foster/hinder the advancement of the climate of inclusion in the workplace where HSR work is conducted. Please consider participating in our survey available here: https://umn.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_82JnXWhCIoCPnnL

Authored by Tongtan (Bert) Chantarat, M.P.H.

Blog Post

Diversity and Inclusion in Health Services and Policy Research: Then, Now, and the Future

Addressing racism requires a diverse health services research (HSR) workforce. A team of researchers is now fielding a survey on perceptions of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The eventual findings will help address the lack of progress in in the HSR field.