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Insurance, Medicare & Medicaid

Health care coverage, from private insurance to employer-provided health care to public programs like Medicare and Medicaid, can have various impacts on people’s use of health care and, ultimately, their health and well-being.

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STI Testing among Medicaid Patients (STAMP) Project publishes timely results in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine

With funding from the CDC Foundation, AcademyHealth’s Evidence-Informed State Health Policy Institute and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, in collaboration with five Southern state-university partnerships, publish timely findings on prenatal syphilis screening rates among Medicaid enrollees.
Posted Jan 14, 2022 By Caitlin Otter

Opportunities and Challenges for Medicaid Managed Care Organizations, Community Health Centers and Their Partners in Addressing Social Determinants of Health in Five States

Despite a need for financing reforms that better incentivize addressing patient whole health and wellness, the lack of clear standardization of social determinants of health screening tools, interoperable data collection systems, lack of robust health-related social services expenditure data, and financing uncertainties and insecurities present significant challenges for value-based payment arrangements, according to this analysis.

Review of Social Determinants of Health Terms in 2019-2020 State Medicaid Managed Care Contracts

At this early stage of social determinant of health incorporation, many states are targeting their programming, particularly screening and care management/coordination, towards high-risk populations, such as beneficiaries in substance use disorder treatment or those with significant behavioral health needs, children with complex care needs, beneficiaries living with HIV, and individuals with multiple comorbidities.
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New Cross-State Analysis Examines Health Services Disparities Among Medicaid Enrollees and Permanent Supportive Housing Programs

With the recent expiration of the federal eviction moratorium and the heightened focus on social determinants of health during the COVID-19 pandemic, this new cross-state analysis of permanent supportive housing programs is timelier than ever.
Posted Oct 25, 2021 By Caitlin Otter, Rachel Campbell-Baier
Blog Post       New Resources Enable Investigators to Expand Research into Dual-Eligible Individuals

New Resources Enable Investigators to Expand Research into Dual-Eligible Individuals

Lack of data regarding dual-eligible individuals has long hindered the development of effective policy solutions and care improvement. AcademyHealth organizational member Arnold Ventures highlights new resources to help the research community strengthen and expand evidence at a critical time in the policy debate.
Posted Sep 27, 2021 By Arielle Mir