Applications developers and entrepreneurs play an increasingly important role in advancing health and health care, often through the expanded collection and use of health-relevant data. Whether through the development of wearable technologies, mHealth, remote patient monitoring or by developing products that integrate different data streams in order to lower costs, improve care, or facilitate value-based reimbursement, the market and potential innovations are rapidly expanding. Historically, one of the most challenging issues for new entrants to this market has been determining the necessary and appropriate safeguards for ensuring the privacy and security of consumer data. AcademyHealth’s core project activities included a series of workshops in California to test and refine materials for an online learning course.  

Privacy and Security for Health Data Innovators
With a focus on scenarios, federal guidance, and key takeaways, this brief course will assist entrepreneurs and app developers understand their responsibilities under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, more commonly known as HIPAA. 

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