Paradigm Project February Newsletter Cover

This newsletter provides a look ahead at the prototyping and testing phases of the project, and highlights key learnings and resources.

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Over the last month, the project’s 17 Design Teams have each landed on an idea to pursue in response to their given challenge, and created initial prototypes of those ideas. Team members are now taking those prototypes out into the real world, soliciting rapid feedback from colleagues that they will use to refine their prototypes and prepare them for larger-scale tests.

In this issue, we hear from two Learning Community members: Jennifer Valenzuela, Chief People & Equity Officer at Health Leads, and Sean Grant, assistant professor in the Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences at Indiana University's Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health. We also highlight a new online platform that aims to facilitate connections between social impact organizations and data scientists, and a poll question for subscribers to weigh in.

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